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  • "Open Source and comes with a very modular (OSGi-based) architecture, so that it is easy to extend or customize. By connecting it to e.g. your KNX installation, you can of course do the mainstream things like switching lights, sockets and rollershutters. openHAB offers you two different web interfaces as well as native Android and iOS clients for doing so. But everybody who lives in a Smart Home knows that Home Automation is not so much about controlling things, but rather about monitoring states and handling events. And that is where openHAB shows its strengh – let me give you a few examples:"

    tags: diy home automation

  • "this device will allow you to control devices in your home, whether it be your homes thermostat or your lights it all can now be done over blue tooth with ease. so lets begin. "

    tags: diy home automation

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